Bardot Smith Feature Interview for by OSD.

I was invited by @slaveboysmith to do an interview for After being reviewed on the site frequently over the years, I decided to allow it. Here’s the intro!

“Before you enter my domain, you should be aware that I am a woman of unique ability to provoke and excite. Should you enter, you will find me to be unmatched.”

And with those words you will begin to understand the enchanting mystery that is today’s Feature Domme, the irresistible, and irrepressible Goddess Bardot Smith.  She is supermodel beautiful, keenly intellectual and as strong-minded and independent as any woman you will ever encounter.  If you follow her on Twitter you already know she does not suffer fools lightly, and tread carefully if you choose to engage in debate.  You will be overmatched in every sense by this amazing Femdom Goddess.  Are you feeling intimidated? Are you feeling submissive and compliant? Goddess Bardot Smith will break you down and mold you into the perfect submissive.  Offer her everything…ask for nothing.  She will terrify you even as she makes you fall head over heels in love with her.  You will never be her equal.  She is a woman of extraordinary beauty and confidence and she knows how men think, feel and desire.  She’ll turn all three against you and use them to her advantage, leaving you completely under her spell.  Are you ready to enter her domain? Are you certain this is what you desire and what you wish for? Life will never again be the same once you kneel before Goddess Bardot Smith…trust me…this interview convinced me of her awesome power!

It was a fun interview - and it’s fun to appear “in person” on a site that has covered my clips for years — from the beginning, really.

You can find the full interview as well as an exclusive one-minute intro clip on

Visual Indoctrination by OSD.

I have made a series of visuals to progressively dismantle your composure. Enjoy.