' Magnetic and Devastating. '

What I am, is for only the devoted to know. Men travel the world in search of Me. Exhausted by their journey, they collapse at My feet, praying My gaze fall upon them for only a moment, before their own eyes close in exhaustion. 

Imagine. your mind at rest. finally. 

My major fascinations are with the power of influence and grace (rather than force). You understand this implicitly; it is what makes the possibility of My existence so intriguing. It is my purpose of being to provide graceful feminine inspiration to the world or to adroitly correct the imbalances within it. My personal integrity far exceeds my consideration for your ego. If you understand this, we will get along just fine, perhaps synergistically. 

Now. My mind and voice provide all the leverage that I need, but they are only the beginning of the resources I will draw upon during our interactions. And after I've exploited those charming, little loopholes you've left out? 

Well. You're beginning to understand. Aren't you?

 You toil & suffer in chaos. I offer the sanctity of Order.

Let us begin...