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As you may be aware, I am strictly private regarding the precise nature of my work and life. At intervals, pieces of my undertakings have begun rising to the surface of collective consciousness. After several years, I’ve expanded this page to include links to my work as well as coverage of myself and my work.

All inquiries for media can be directed to [elle @ bardotsmith . com] or use my contact form.

Have we been properly introduced?

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Produced by me

I’ve been known to produce work under a few pseudonyms. Here are some of the links I’ve thrown off from this one:

Archive of the original @bardotsmith twitter account (October 2013 - June 2018)

Fetish audio & visual content:


Features & Mentions

Interviews, podcast, promo, events, and articles that have included mentions, quotes, or features of me.



The connection of my work in sex & economics with activist Lauren Chief Elk, and Yeoshin Lourdes in May 2015.

The media “coverage,” backlash, dilution, & appropriation wave has been following us ever since. Sometimes violently.