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You are on the ledge. Afraid to step off.

With each second that passes. The weight of your thoughts becomes heavier. 

You are coming undone. 

You've fought for a long time now to prevent yourself from falling. 

You understand that some powers are impossible to resist, and

some forces are inevitable. 

your trajectory is sealed. 

and as the clock ticks off the seconds of your life...

you know that you owe each one to me. 

This is the End Game of Capitalism.

xo, Bardot. 

PS. These items are tributes...with each comes a unique message from me. 

And so our story begins...

findomme bardot smith

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$5 - Our Story Begins:
$10 - Inching closer:

$25 - Like a moth to a flame:
$50 That feels good...:
$75 - You couldn't keep away:
$100 - Truly the bare minimum:
$150 - The flame is so bright:
$200 There, there...:
$250 - I love games...:
$300 - Are you in trouble?
$400 - You can't say no:
$500 - I exist in your mind.
$750 - I've already won:
$1000 - Deeper and deeper...

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