Welcome to your Undoing. 

Before you enter my domain, you should be aware that I am a woman of unique ability to provoke and excite. Should you enter, you will find me to be unmatched. 

A Singularity. 

My presence challenges many present notions of feminine sexuality and intellect, fetishism, as well as broader topics such as economics, capitalism, and the very fabric of societal power dynamics.

This site deals in:

  • psychological and financial domination, 
  • the implications of capital and influence for sexuality, and
  • the broader implications of sexual capital in society,
  • neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis, 
  • behavioral control, emotional manipulation, and interpersonal power dynamics. 
  • applications in media...
  • esoterica. mathematics. language. 
  • social dominance & influence, 
  • the politics of seduction. 

Money. Water. Blood. Wealth. 

It may be unsuitable for those not in possession of the cerebral firepower necessary to understand my intents and purpose.

For that reason, this site is intended for mature audiences only. If you are not in possession of the sophistication necessary to indulge -- either in years or aptitude -- you are dismissed. I expect you'll see yourselves out. I am not responsible for your behavior if you ignore this reasonable and fair warning.


For the rest of you. Those who are able to maintain their composure...

Or meet your fate.