"An Alchemist."

Attracting MY Focused ATTENTION is a Challenge, but its own singular reward. I am approachable but DISinterested in anything but your most Adaptive behavior. 

Why don't you just have a seat.

Why don't you just have a seat.

I will personally evaluate your suitability based on your performance during My initial screening. Not all dogs can be seeing eye dogs, and not all men have evolved to be of the requisite viewpoints on feminine grace to achieve the civility that comes with it.

By the end of your induction, I will have assessed the possible angles of our interactions and its potential value to Me. Either you will be given the opportunity to execute the initial terms of your Service or you' will remain without access until you have remediated the situation to my liking,   Underperforming assets will be cast away with no hope of experiencing the order compelled alone by my presence. 

NOW. YOU POOR CREATURE. Fill this out. 

Name *
Put Smith as your last name if you do not wish to provide your own name because you are weak.
Tribute Ms. Smith to accept your application. Payments in advance are encouraged, you will not receive acknowledgement from Ms. Smith without her receiving your initial tribute.
How do you feel about the following?
How do you feel about the following?
I think MS Smith is an unparalleled goddess.
I will serve Miss Bardot to the full extent of my abilities.
I would be willing to sacrifice my capital and resources in the service of Ms Smith
Do You Understand that nothing about you will supercede your very real need to pay me?
I'm watching you.

Regarding Your Debt to Me:

When it comes to My attention, capital exchange speaks more efficiently than you could as a materialization of the value of my time and focused attention. Especially given that you are the one seeking it. It's basic economics. You understand.

If your intention is not to enrich my life with your potential involvement in it, why would I allow you close access in any way? 

Generally, if your contribution to My life and purpose does not scare you in some way, it is not significant enough to have an effect on you. I can assure you that it will not have an effect on me. 

ready? Make a fucking sacrifiCe. 

Overcoming your initial fears regarding our interaction in order to honor My presence, shows you have risk-tolerance in the face of identified value. It is rewarded with diligent attention to your candidacy. Since no verbal assurances will suffice to prove your intentions are of use to me, I require that you render yourselves immediately beneficial to Me. Financially. 

Only by materializing this dynamic, will I be able to pursue an investment of my time in you.