Plagiarism, Stalking, and Psychotic Obsession. / by OSD.

A few months ago, I was met with a copy of myself. 

A woman who had clearly studied and reproduced my site, as well as attempting to speak in similar tones. I discovered her as she was conversing with someone with whom I had a previous relationship. 

I have finally submitted a DMCA to her website, and while it pains me to have to involve myself at all, it seems as if my tolerance has been mistaken for weakness. 

This has become too much of a juvenile nuisance to be obscured.

When I noticed that her site was essentially Identical to mine, I brought it to her attention. She accused me of being hostile. So i figured she was clearly not sane, blocked, and ignored her.

Being quite busy with business myself, I was attempting to take the high-road and hoping she would find her way in to dignity in the crowd using a technique other than copying my every tweet whilst wearing cheaper lingerie. 

However, dignity was not to be expected from someone with such little self-respect from the start. She has continued employing the tactic of mimicking my every move since her site went up at the end of April. Irony would have it, that she is so clueless about my purpose that she assumes that the glaring similarities are only inherent to the"industry" in which she has locked herself. 

Toxic people can taint the spirit of communities, attract negative legal and governmental attention, and generally make it more difficult for fetish, sex work, and alternative lifestyles (generally) from gaining the respect and consideration that they deserve in the world.

In June, I had been asked to write for another floundering (already now defunct) site. I said I would consider some topics...until I noticed that the single white female had written an article for the site. At this point, I declined to be involved. I was met with such disproportionate hostility as a result of such a reasonable declination, so I blocked and ignored this person as well.

Having the skill to penetrate the mental space of other humans, one can not always be assured that non-targeted individuals will not be deeply impacted...but apparently the effect is not gendered...since I can inadvertently drive women into wild obsession without even speaking to them. Since then, I have been stalked aggressively and obsessively.

After ignoring the pair of them for weeks, her threats escalated to the point where she has felt it acceptable to post my legal name and personal information online in various ways, as well as subtweeting nearly everything I say on twitter for several weeks now.

Tell tale a signs of a mentally unstable, obsessive human being. But also lack of finesse -- since they're essentially running a tabloid for me. I couldn't have executed a more creative marketing campaign for myself...

(But you'd think she'd get bored. Ironically, her most aggressive attacks come on the heels of some of my more successful income days. Wonder why...)

But I digress. I have to admit, it was somewhat flattering that my work was so groundbreaking that someone would not only LITERALLY plagiarize it but attempt to EMBODY my presence in all ways possible down to the brands on her wishlist and her choice of vocabulary, the rare plug-ins and structuring of her site...

It is so painfully derivative of my work that people constantly approach me to ask if I've noticed that someone has appropriated my entire essence in such a transparent way.

Sadly, this person has copied the surface artifacts without understanding the deeper dynamics. She has put her face all over the internet while claiming to have a business career. The funny thing is that she attends community college in the south. When I originally encountered her, she had been claiming to be located in NYC...yet spelled Manhattan incorrectly. No self-respecting New Yorker would...but I digress. 

Demonstrating so much ungrateful obsession is proof that countless hours of their lives have been spent studying the details of my own, attempting to assemble it into scraps they can wear to a party to which they remain uninvited. They've constructed fantasy upon fantasy about me. Lashing out once I denied their legitimacy, both collectively and individually.

These woman have clearly gone to great energetic lengths in their individual and collective fixation on me. That's their issue. Mine is with you. With the larger world. 

However, it's gone to the point where I find these persons to be a danger to the community itself, and the individuals within it, many of whom I respect and interact with daily. Someone who is violent and aggressive, whose behavior rapidly escalates without provocation, is someone who is likely to snap violently and unpredictably. Possibly in an extreme fashion.

Given her track record of divulging private information to a public audience, I would advise against involvement with these individuals and their consorts for your own protection and sanity. Beyond the dramatic time-wasting nonsense effect, it is not adaptive to engage with an individual who has a track record of flailing wildly upon not getting their way...

While I will not post their names publicly as they do not deserve additional attention, if you would like their online identities, I am happy to provide them to anyone who asks privately. 

To be honest, I'm not that concerned about my name being shared as I've nothing to hide. In fact, some of my trusted subs even know me by my name. It's more the feral animal in class drag mentality that is disgraceful. Frankly, it's bratty, beta, submissive behavior

The other? Well she's done us all of the favor of buying thousands of twitter followers (to assuage her ego over the failed site, perhaps?) and gone private. Someone who has never spoken more than 20 words with me directly, talks a very big game...yet she cannot find the courage to leave anything of her raving lunacy online or to speak her incoherent noise from anywhere other than behind a literal mask.

Odd, no? Oh well. 

The price of leadership is frequently envy. But, still, heavy is the head that wears the Crown. 

XO. The Madam Wolf, BARDOT SMITH.