Origin Story / by OSD.

An experimental media piece is coming soon...

A thriller based on a true story of intrigue, seduction, betrayal,  and blackmail. Destruction and Creation. Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills.

A story about becoming. By any means necessary.

In the meantime, due to my need to prioritize time and attention even further, I will only be available for conversation of any kind via my verified lines: 

Email and text communication is reserved for the initiated. A reminder that, in the North East presently, private sessions will only be conducted at 4- 5- star locations and require a deposit to secure the time. 

A trip to LA (and likely SF) is in the works for January. Otherwise, my focus will be on my business operations and engagements. 

As always, the more impressive and sacrificial, the more likely your odds as success in engaging my presence. 

Bye for now...
Ms. Smith.


PS - If you'd like to preview my thoughts on blackmail, you may do so here: