You are confident & complex; not without hope. But, are you prepared? 

I agree to personal and business engagements on a limited basis.


‘You cut me down with a look that shuts off my brain and renders me dead to everything in the world, a power that’s addictive to behold.’
— Financial slave / Fortune 500 executive

Time is a non-renewable resource. So I conduct business, interviews, and social engagements *whether within or out the overt context of femdom* by arrangement only.  I am focused on securing investment in my ventures and art and, as such, I typically require a minimum 10K USD initial investment to entertain an engagement, and the potential to discuss reasonable extensions and continuations thereafter. Given the climate of our current world, my fees allow me to secure myself against threats to my existence and provide for my needs.

Due to the complex nature of my various pursuits, commitments, and leisures, I simply cannot accommodate all requests. However, if you are able to secure a meeting with me, I will entertain discussion of any pursuit so long as it is raised respectfully. 

If you desire to meet me, you will need to be clear in what you seek and impressive in your offering. 

My time is precious but very little is off-limits. The perennial condition being that I reserve my discretion at all times.    

I am singular and all agreements are unique to our dynamic, entered into on a purely consensual basis.  For this reason and other, more preternatural ones, I can also be a trusted confidante and advisor. 

 I offer complete confidentiality.

Now. Tell me: 

what is your deal?   

Name (Use last name 'Smith' as a stand-in if you are afraid of me.) *
Name (Use last name 'Smith' as a stand-in if you are afraid of me.)
What type of operation is this?
Where is the mission?
I understand that I am not in control. *
I have paid you to read this. *
Have you sent money to make sure I read your note?
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